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Surabaya city guide.

Surabaya has several business centers that can serve as an example for eastern Indonesia. In the area of ​​Surabaya Center, lined office buildings that can be utilized space for businesses. In downtown Surabaya, can be found a wide variety of business office.

Among bank offices currency and capital markets, telecommunications, transport, export and import, tourism, and so forth. Not to forget, in the downtown area are also open vast business opportunity extensive services.

In the area of North Surabaya, which is closer to the area of the port of Tanjung Perak, many established offices engaged in the transportation of goods, export-import and travel agencies. In this area, has long been taking place at the same spot trade transactions and unloading of goods between countries and between islands. Even now increasingly busy and Tanjung Perak Surabaya City Government plans to develop the port area to the Gulf Lamong. This is done in order to meet the growing need for a loading and unloading and the flow of goods into and out through Surabaya.

West Surabaya area also has developed quite rapidly. Marked by the establishment of several new business centers HR Muhammad area, office area and businesses in Graha Family and Supermasl Pakuwon shopping centers, as well as apartments and new housing. Now Surabaya West into modern area and very crowded. A number of regions have become the culinary center as the place to relax at night time; like G-Walk in Citra Land region, and the area along Graha Family.Surabaya West has become a new area very prospect. Not only the business and shopping center, there is now also established State University of Surabaya magnificent and equipped public sports arena, a place to swim, and so forth. Access to the West Surabaya very easily and become a region that attracts many people to visit it.

In the area of South Surabaya, business growth has also been growing. If the first business centers only focus on the southern part Wonokromo, then now continue towards the south. Along Jalan Ahmad Yani many established business centers ranging from offices, apartments are also central shopping center. During its development, the business in southern Surabaya more directed at education, is characterized by the construction of apartments that support metropolis lodging facilities for students, the University of Pelita Harapan existence and DBL Arena utilized for the activities of the basketball competition of the senior high school students. Other businesses that may be developed is an information technology and the media, which is still evolving.

In East Surabaya, business development is also quite good. A luxury mall, stand there and be a crowded shopping mall. Along the way Kertajaya (towards ITS), a rapidly growing business of culinary and dining. For offices, Surabaya eastern part is not too much, there is only the banking business in the region Kertajaya, Mulyosari and around Sukolilo. In addition, businesses are also encountered in this area is the inn, boarding houses and entertainment services and telecommunications.
Surabaya city guide.
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