Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy Travel experience to Bandung

Want to walk in Bandung and still complicated to determine the purpose and how the route? Here I help. I am a resident of Bandung and can nolong you let travel time in Bandung fun: D

Arrangement of this trip I usually see to the backpacker who want to Bandung. I publish to public only here.

Okay. The story you have two days in Bandung. Where did they go?

It starts with exploring North Bandung area. Bandung is a mountain. I think there is less if you do not visited the mountain area. There are many mountainous areas in Bandung. In the east, south, north, and west. Most popular course in the north because there are Lembang, Mount Tangkubanparahu, Dago Pakar, and Cliff Palace. The second is in the south. Hits with the name Ciwidey. Or I call it White Crater.

Menjelajahi daerah di timur dan barat Bandung juga gak akan mengecewakan sih. Cuma saya saranin mulai dari tempat yang mainstream dulu saja. Karena aksesnya mudah. Hitung-hitung pemanasan sebelum kedatangan kamu ke Bandung berikutnya (amen to that!)

Berhubung waktu travelingnya hanya dua hari. Kamu tentukan dulu, mau ke selatan atau utara? Karena akses lebih mudah, menurut saya sih Bandung Utara cocok buat kamu. Lembang dan Tangkubanparahu. Pilihan tempat kunjungan berikutnya setelah Lembang adalah kota Bandung itu sendiri.

Here goes.

DAY ONE - Lembang Trip

Never ever oversleep if you want to travel to Lembang. Jam, Guys! The trip was not for a while. From Bandung city center to Lembang itself takes 1 hour, without jam. If you wake up late but want to arrive not too late in Lembang, then stay there. The problem of stay overnight we discuss below later yes.

Morning: Tap the vehicle towards Mount Tangkubanparahu. The entry fee per person is Rp 50,000. Satisfied there. Explore the mountains of Tangkubanparahu within safe limits. See the crater. Selfie but stay cautious. Eat roasted corn. View the Cantonese Tree. Boil eggs. Shop for souvenirs. Photo hunting.

Noon: It's been through the light of day, from new Tangkubanparahu deh to Lembang again. Lunch with snack on a portion of sticky rice and cooling down at Floating Market, De Ranch, or Farmhouse. My suggestion still choose between the first two places only. Nice Farmhouse anyway, but only for photographs only. If Floating Market and De Ranch wider area and many choices wahananya. Fresher also the scenery. I personally prefer De Ranch because of its vast grasslands! Fresh!

Afternoon: Go down to Bandung again. Down the road Setiabudi. You can stop by to the inn to check in to where you stay then glide to hits cafe in Bandung. Hanging out in the cafe's story.

Recommendations cafes in Bandung that I can love for you are:
(1) Kineruku in Hegarmanah, not far from Setiabudhi Street. A library as well as cafes and vintage stalls. What a unique and beautiful place. The spirit of creativity Bandung is in this place. Shh ... do not forget to cobain fried rice ijo and fried ice cream yak!
(2) Point the vehicle to the end of Dago, to the edge of Dago Pakar forest and sip a cup of coffee at Cafe Armor.
(3) Or you can go to Lawangwangi. The cafe serves a super cool landscape from the courtyard! He cried Lawangwangi's art gallery as well. You can stop by for a meal and watch the exhibition.
(4) If Dago is far away, then just walk around the campus UNPAD Dipati Ukur. There are seabrek places to eat there.

(Late) Evening: back to hotel and sleep like kebo because you must be tired: D
Happy Travel experience to Bandung
4/ 5

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