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Itinerary Malang city tour.

Itinerary Malang city tour which many in need of tourists because of the place of tourist destinations and visit times are less balanced. Therefore, it is necessary for the direction of the plan in accordance with the holiday time of the tourists.

This city is the visitors who come to the city of Malang could feel the cool air and the tranquility of the town, which is not too much traffic of vehicles and polluting factories. Malang since the time of Dutch colonial rule has become the city's chosen as the area of ​​residence. We can see a lot of residential houses Dutch people, building Dutch heritage buildings, there is also a tea processing factory.

And one of the famous places in the city of Malang that destination the family of the Netherlands is a shop Oen. Because it has been since the 1930 founding of the store so that sometimes the place became a reunion of the older generation of Dutch people.

although there is a favorite place of the famous Dutch people ever since we called Batu city.

Because the beauty of the city surrounded by mountains and its formerly tidy past, matching the Swiss country in Europe, and this city is located in the highlands that is at an altitude between 440-667 meters above sea level,to maked the one of the Java tourism destination.

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Bromo Malang tour

Bromo Malang tour is a tour program to Mount Bromo and tourist areas in the Malang city area.Both tourist destinations are located in the area of mountain areas in the area of cold air and fresh so comfortable to make feel becomes more fresh.. It takes only a few hours but you can get many interesting places to visit. This is one of a combination of recreation in East Java is a combination of adventure and refreshing. This tour program does not require a large cost but many places that we will get because all the destination can be reached by car, without the use of boats, or airplanes.
Meaning that it will be more cost-effective when compared with other tourist destinations, because Indonesia is an archipelago country bounded by the sea between the islands of one another, so sometimes we get a tourist destination that must use a ship or airplane.Starting the journey from Surabaya international airport, you simply look for a private car rental for this course with experienced drivers to drive in the mountains. What about public transportation options? also available but you will change several times and will reduce the comfort of the holiday you've been waiting for a long time.
Bromo Malang tour is a fusion of adventure climbing the mountain with not too heavy and the tour to relax our minds. If you have never climbed the mountain then climbing Mount Bromo is not a burdensome tour program, because it can be done only 1 hour you are at the top of Bromo and can see the bottom of the crater. You also get the moment of sunrise from the top of the mountain penanjakan, Seruni hill or hill Metigen. Will also see the view of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and sea of sand is very beautiful.

 Bromo Malang tour is very suitable for all classes, for young people, couples or family tours consisting of several people including grandparents of our children is a happiness that many families expect. But there is not much information to get for it, here we we provide information that the tourist area that will be very suitable for your family tour. For a tourist destination to Mount Bromo there will be a place that only walk a few meters from your car park but can see the beautiful scenery, so that our children and parents also enjoy tourist atmosphere together.Travel from kawsan Bromo to Malang city area only few hours, but you will find many interesting places to rest. Tourism activities in the city of Malang and surrounding areas is not too heavy as in Bromo. Here you and your family will enjoy the calm and cool mountain atmosphere. You will find many interesting flower garden combined with the restaurant in the open, as well as playground for all ages. All that you can get if you find an experienced service and can provide the best and timely travel plans so that your flight schedule will be safely covered. Because a lot of you find services that you find in google search engine, you can discuss for all the destinations offered, will be able to provide all explanations if the service is experienced and not just as a broker.

Batu city
Batu city is the name of the southern subdistrict area at the foot of Arjuna mountain the famous of beauty and as the center of apple farmers in East Java. East Java is the Province has a large collection of interesting natural attractions. Among them is the stone city, city district located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna. The freshness of the air and the cool climate make this city a community destination Surabaya in every weekend, at a distance that is not too far away can be reached in less than two hours by road. When we look deeper in Batu, we will find interesting places that we will visit, either in the form of education or tourism tourist natural. Apple is an icon of the Batu city. From here there is an idea to sell tours with tour concept apple picking. The visitors who want to buy apples given the facility to be picking apples from tree directly. This will add charm and curious visitors Batu.

Batu city itself provides many references to tourist attractions, both natural attractions or educational tour. A subdistrict town developed into a district town because it has a large budgetary income from tourism, so it can improve the status of this area.
the beauty of this city famous since the Dutch era, so we still find the house of ancient houses at that time, and the Dutch gave the title of small Switzerland in the land of Java. Batu City area located in the highlands on the slopes of the mountains with an altitude of 700 to 1,700 meters above sea level. Since the 10th century, the area of Batu and its surroundings has been known as a resting place for the royal family, because the region is a mountainous area with a comfortable cool air, also supported by the beauty of natural scenery as a characteristic mountainous area.
King Sindok who ruled the Medang kingdom at that time told his believer to build a resting place and, Mpu Supo who is said to also have a smart skill that began to build the area Songgoriti as a resting place of the royal family and built a temple called Supo Temple. Which until now we can see around the bath Songgoriti with circumstances that are not intact anymore.
Batu city has an area of about 202.30 km², most of its natural state is dominated by highland areas and hills that are valleys located on the slopes of two large mountains, namely Arjuno-Welirang and Butak-Kawi-Panderman. To the north of the city center there is a dense forest which is a protected forest area, the Forest Park Raden Soerjo  and we call this area is Cangar hot water bath and become a favorite tourist spot in this area.
Batu city tour :

Museum angkut :
Area will Pujon you can visit the waterfall Coban rondo, campground area, there is also a natural lake Selorejo.  In the area you will visit selekta flower gardens and a natural hot spring , which is supposedly the hot water can be used for health rheumatism and others.
Pujon area :
Hotspring pound :
Aple plantation :
Rafting :

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DAY TWO - Into The Heart of The City (Trip to Bandung)

Well the second day turn to explore the center of the city. The natural part is already on the first day. Now is the time to explore the urban area.

Starting from, of course, the most popular area. Asian africa. Then you go to Alun-alun and Braga.

Because you will be walking so wear comfortable shoes, such as shoes teplek or sneakers. If using a vehicle must be complicated because the little parking is so close these locations.

If you stay only one night at the hotel, it's good on this second day you check out all. Congenital your bag a lot? Titip at the hotel just yet: D at reception. I still usually traveling if I like to ride nitip goods to the receptionist and pay tip money to the receptionist as a thank you.

Unless you are a typical traveler with a backpack, ah this nice mah not bother with luggage, can all check out and bring luggage and go for a walk.

Morning: go early I strongly recommend. Moreover, the morning sun provides good lighting for your photos. Whether it's selfie or photo hunting. Start along Asia Afrika Road. See the rows of old buildings. Tapaki the cool sidewalk. There is a park bench if you want to rest or see old buildings and Bandung streets while sitting relaxed.

On this street is also located a museum. Museum of the Asian-African Conference (I'm not typo, it's a conference, use the letter 'P'). Commonly abbreviated to Museum KAA. Open at 8 am and you can enter the museum free of charge.

Surround the inside of the museum. Calculate the weight of knowledge in our vacation, learn a little about the history of Bandung in particular and Indonesia in general in the event of the Asian-African Conference of 1955. The moment became the first milestone of Indonesia's voice in the world arena. Asian and African countries are very respectful to us, then. Either now: D

Get out of KAA museum you walk to Alun-alun. Straight away from the museum is located. If not followed by photographing and sitting relaxed, travel time to walk to Alun-alun less than 5 minutes.

And enjoy the views of the square. Take off your shoes before entering the grass area of ??Alun-alun. And yes it's synthetic grass. Not something that I, as a citizen of Bandung, is proud of. Long story deh if you have to debate the artificial grass. The point is, enjoy first Alun-alunnya. Hehehehe: D

Oh yeah if you come to Alun-alun on saturday and sunday, you can go up to tower of mosque of supreme Bandung. Riding on the elevator, of course: D Open at 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. The fee is Rp 2,000. Adult Rp 3,000. On the 19th floor you will see the view of Bandung from the bird's eye view. Very cool!

Day: From our Square to Braga yuk! Find a meal and down one more historic point in the city of Bandung. Building in Braga is elderly because it was in the 1920-1930s had been a place terhits throughout Bandung. Only the Dutch are allowed to hang out here. There are old manicured buildings and many more displaced.

Slowly this area bounced back to its heyday. If you visit here, of course you become one of the contributors who return Braga to its best era.

If anyone asked in Braga what? I am glad to have my first visit to a restaurant at Sumber Sumber Hidangan! A legendary restaurant that produces Dutch pastry and bakery. The best hour to make is here at 9 am. Because the bread supply is still complete and just came out of the grill. The choice of bread varies. It was also varied. And where it hanging out lho, there is no match in Bandung! Vintage really! Classic, old, and for me-who in fact the people of Bandung- very memorable. While eating his homemade bread and ice cream, you can observe Braga's street and the hustle and bustle. Sometimes I feel romantically sentimental when I'm here. Hehehe.

If pengennya traditional flavored food, go to the restaurant Duck Garang or Warung Ceu Mar. I'm not too fond of eating duck meat. Besides the taste of food is also not special. But if what you are looking for is just full, then eat it in Duck Garang. Well if Warung Ceu Mar hell is a nice start. Cobain deh eat the menu to start there.

The last place that I think you should visit is the second park located in City Hall Bandung. Not far from Braga. There is Taman Sartika and Vanda Park. The place is not fancy but for me it is somewhat special. New public space like this in Bandung since Ridwan Kamil became mayor. So yes that's hahaha: D There are flowers, there is a place to sit, make photographs, even if the rain in the garden there is a place to play water Sartika. Funny if i think mah.

That's a wrap! Beres already, stay to the station / airport / terminal, go home deh.

The recommendation of a place I love is fairly standard anyway. Some say that being a tourist does not need to come to his popular places. "Explore an area that's anti-mainstream so cool!" so he said.

Ah I do not think so too times. Especially for novice tourists in Bandung. All places are as exciting as they are. Nothing mainstream or anti-mainstream. The places I mentioned above are not just tourists who come there, locals too. I still go back and forth to Asia Afrika and Braga continue to eat at Sources of Cuisine.

Traveling is not just about refreshing the fatigue you feel, but also feeling the spirit of a place you visit. The easiest way to explore Bandung in two days yes with visited popular places. Anyway if it's mainstream, what's wrong with it being mainstream? : D Youre happy, that's all you need. If you are not happy, change the goal. There Bukit Bintang, Stone Garden, Pangalengan, hwuidih not endless ya ngomongin Bandung: D

And Please Note this:
The itinerary I made above can be fit with the type and itinerary like this:

1. Suitable for you who are traveling first timer in Bandung. Never been to Tangkubanparahu, for example. If you are bored to Tangkubanparahu and Cliff Palace, live pillowing toward the South. Ciwidey is waiting for you there. Bored with White Crater, turn direction to West Bandung. Stone Garden is waiting for you. Overall just the same kind of tripnya: out of town Bandung, see the natural charm of Bandung.

2. Depart from your city at night. Sleeping in a vehicle, until early morning in Bandung.

3. Check in to the hotel to set the time between the composition of the visit that I love. My recommendation still choose a hotel in the middle between Lembang and Braga area, for example in Cihampelas or Pasir Kaliki.

But if you're a backpacker type certainly not far from cheap hostel deh. In Braga there is Chez Bon, a very cheap hostel. 150,000 per bed per night, includes breakfast. If the hotel fancy hell a lot, budget hotel was scattered in between Lembang - Bandung. Try to check on for more details. Again I always check the availability of the hotel via Ticket app because it is everything I want to look for is there.

The budget hotel recommendations from me are Hotel Amaris in Setiabudhi and De Batara in Cihampelas. Anyway, I like De Batara because of its strategic location, the rates are cheap, and this is important: for a hotel class of De Batara, the breakfast is complete and delicious! I guarantee that: D

4. Want to freely reach your destination, rental vehicles only. If there is no private or rental vehicle, use public transport. How else: D

5. Prepare a lot of coins if you use public transportation in Bandung. Do not ask the angkot fares to angkot drivers. Do not ask the destination direction to angkot driver. Always ask directions and charges to the angkot passengers or the nearest stall owner you can go to.

6. Anyway, I do not recommend this trip for a typical family, unless you bring a private vehicle does not matter. But if you are single, let alone singles, nothing can stop you from traveling crazy tired to the point you eat like pig and sleep like kebo. Hahaha: D

If you need help with other information about Bandung, follow my Instagram at @bandungdiary but please forgive me do not serve the making of holiday itinerary in Bandung yes: D Unless if kmau please wear tariff. Itinerary per day is Rp50.000. Create your own aja, research is easy right now there is Google, if you have your own itinerary nah deh newly asked me specifically the places.

Have fun and happy traveling in my city!

Happy Travel experience to Bandung

Want to walk in Bandung and still complicated to determine the purpose and how the route? Here I help. I am a resident of Bandung and can nolong you let travel time in Bandung fun: D

Arrangement of this trip I usually see to the backpacker who want to Bandung. I publish to public only here.

Okay. The story you have two days in Bandung. Where did they go?

It starts with exploring North Bandung area. Bandung is a mountain. I think there is less if you do not visited the mountain area. There are many mountainous areas in Bandung. In the east, south, north, and west. Most popular course in the north because there are Lembang, Mount Tangkubanparahu, Dago Pakar, and Cliff Palace. The second is in the south. Hits with the name Ciwidey. Or I call it White Crater.

Menjelajahi daerah di timur dan barat Bandung juga gak akan mengecewakan sih. Cuma saya saranin mulai dari tempat yang mainstream dulu saja. Karena aksesnya mudah. Hitung-hitung pemanasan sebelum kedatangan kamu ke Bandung berikutnya (amen to that!)

Berhubung waktu travelingnya hanya dua hari. Kamu tentukan dulu, mau ke selatan atau utara? Karena akses lebih mudah, menurut saya sih Bandung Utara cocok buat kamu. Lembang dan Tangkubanparahu. Pilihan tempat kunjungan berikutnya setelah Lembang adalah kota Bandung itu sendiri.

Here goes.

DAY ONE - Lembang Trip

Never ever oversleep if you want to travel to Lembang. Jam, Guys! The trip was not for a while. From Bandung city center to Lembang itself takes 1 hour, without jam. If you wake up late but want to arrive not too late in Lembang, then stay there. The problem of stay overnight we discuss below later yes.

Morning: Tap the vehicle towards Mount Tangkubanparahu. The entry fee per person is Rp 50,000. Satisfied there. Explore the mountains of Tangkubanparahu within safe limits. See the crater. Selfie but stay cautious. Eat roasted corn. View the Cantonese Tree. Boil eggs. Shop for souvenirs. Photo hunting.

Noon: It's been through the light of day, from new Tangkubanparahu deh to Lembang again. Lunch with snack on a portion of sticky rice and cooling down at Floating Market, De Ranch, or Farmhouse. My suggestion still choose between the first two places only. Nice Farmhouse anyway, but only for photographs only. If Floating Market and De Ranch wider area and many choices wahananya. Fresher also the scenery. I personally prefer De Ranch because of its vast grasslands! Fresh!

Afternoon: Go down to Bandung again. Down the road Setiabudi. You can stop by to the inn to check in to where you stay then glide to hits cafe in Bandung. Hanging out in the cafe's story.

Recommendations cafes in Bandung that I can love for you are:
(1) Kineruku in Hegarmanah, not far from Setiabudhi Street. A library as well as cafes and vintage stalls. What a unique and beautiful place. The spirit of creativity Bandung is in this place. Shh ... do not forget to cobain fried rice ijo and fried ice cream yak!
(2) Point the vehicle to the end of Dago, to the edge of Dago Pakar forest and sip a cup of coffee at Cafe Armor.
(3) Or you can go to Lawangwangi. The cafe serves a super cool landscape from the courtyard! He cried Lawangwangi's art gallery as well. You can stop by for a meal and watch the exhibition.
(4) If Dago is far away, then just walk around the campus UNPAD Dipati Ukur. There are seabrek places to eat there.

(Late) Evening: back to hotel and sleep like kebo because you must be tired: D

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Surabaya Bromo Ijen tour package.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen tour package is a tour program to visit Mount Bromo, Ijen starts from Surabaya airport, or hotel in Surabaya. Surabaya which becomes your transit place before heading to tourist area of Bromo ijen, here you will get some tourist destinations that can be visited also as a city to unwind after your long journey. The cost you need is not so great for the tour program in surabaya, we estimate for the year 2017 when we write this is 165 $ USD for a pair or 2 people including the cost of transportation city tour and hotel in Bromo (program 2 days and 1 night). It is the package price for surabaya to bromo with detail facility will be explained after you contact email or our phone number. A reasonable offer to unwind after a long trip, and an exciting city tour program to visit.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen tour package is currently a favorite of Asian and European tourists, because the program of natural tourist visit the famous beauty and uniqueness of the already famous tourist world. The island of Bali which has become a favorite destination of tourists, with the addition of this tourist destination will be more options or complementary tourism destinations before heading to Bali. Because in the package offer this tour is a favorite tour of the tourists before they headed to the main tourist destination of the island of Bali. Actualy if you start the journey from Surabaya to the island of Bali by road, the time it takes is one day one night, and you will traverse the area of the tourist area that you deserve to visit as a complement your tour program.

Surabaya Bromo tour package Ijen the ideal visit time for the program is 3 days 2 nights, and will finish in the provincial capital of Bali at 6.00 pm on the 3rd day. Why stay one night in Bromo and one night in Ijen? We know that the main program of tourism in Bromo is to see the sunrise in the morning and enjoy the atmosphere of the morning in this area because the scenery will be very beautiful you get from the top point of view after the sun emits its light. Then continue the climb to the top of Mount Bromo and see the cauldron of bromo that sometimes heard a roar that indicates that the crater is still active. For travelers who have an estimated time of 2 days one night, you can take a landing schedule in Surabaya at night, so you can directly go to Bromo area and to view point for sunrise program without stay. So you only take time to stay for Ijen crater destination only. Although for this program only stay in the region Ijen must require a strong physical, because the program climb 2 times, we still get tourists who use overnight program.

The estimated time option is yours, but the ideal one is 3 days 2 nights, that's my advice.

Some tour packages we recommend are ;
Tour package Surabaya city tour

Tour package Surabaya city tour can start from airport,hotel or train station. You can provide an explanation to the transportation service to start your group trip, so pick up can adjust the time and travel program. This program only takes a day and ends a dinner that has many choices, with the menu Indonesia food or other types of cuisine. Some of the places to visit are the old harbor of Kalimas, the Arab village, the Sampoerna cigarette factory and museum, the Buddhist temple, and the city center of Kayun flower market, the submarine museum as well as enjoying the shoping mall for lunch.
Package tour Surabaya to Bromo.

Tour package Surabaya to Bromo which is widely offered for tourist destinations in eastern Java because Surabaya where the arrival of international and Bromo pemerbanagan a favorite destination of foreign tourists. This offer is very interesting because you can choose the arrival schedule anytime, depending on your needs, and we will set all the needs of the stay and all other needs.

Any time arrival flight we can arrnge and give best itinerery and best offer. The ideal trip for this program is 2 days 1 night, and your flight departure we hope to book at night, so that your tour program you can get to the maximum.

Package tour Surabaya to Bromo-Ijen.

Tour package Surabaya to Bromo-Ijen the ideal is with a duration of 3 days 2 nights

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Think to do to mount Bromo

Think to do to mount Bromo is a question we often get from the traveler.The most important thing is we get transportation service for this route with reasonable price.

Sunrise program

Bromo Tengger Semeru area is a protected area and kept on guard to its origin. As a national park that became a popular tourist attractions both domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to tourism activities that tourists usually do, namely watching the rise of the sun rising from the hill Pananjakan, enjoying the beauty of Bromo national park after the sun emerged from the eastern horizon, as well as climbing to the top of Mount Bromo to see the crater of Bromo. This sunrise program will start from your hotel at 3.00 am if you stay around Cemorolawang village.

for this program the manager of the tourist area provides 3 places because visitors who each year increases.The first is the hill Metigen, which is around the entrance ticket payment. To get to this location we can walk if staying at arround this place. The trip will take 15 -20 minutes from the ticket payment gate.Although not many people choose this place because we can not see the view of Mount Bromo and the sea of sand from the top of the hill at the time after its sunrise.But this place could be a choice of places to see the sunrise if you do not want to climb in the morning.

Before we get about the activity in bromo area as we write above, we will travel for 3 hours driving. Determining the good transportation service is a part of think to do to mount Bromo.

Another part that we know when we visit Bromo region is the culture of Tengger society is also not less interesting that the ceremonial culture as their gratitude, the culture is a throwing ceremony offerings in the form of agricultural products and livestock into the crater that has been done for generations and has been tens of years. They are Tengger people of Hinduism, and their ancestors are from the Mojopahit kingdom.

There will be so many tribes we will encounter in bromo region, and we can distinguish indigenous tengger with others if we get a driver who can communicate well with us.Also that can provide the main explanation of the travel program in bromo as well as an explanation of the area of Bromo and surrounding areas.

By driving a jeep, travel route with the terrain is sandy, and uphill and steep can be reached by approximately 40 minutes, and reached the summit of Mount Penanjakan at an altitude of 2770 m, where the best places are used as the point of view of the tourists from all over the world come to see the sunrise Mount Bromo. At the time of the appearance of the sun, only the sound of shot cameras capture tourists during the best time in the eastern horizon. While on the other hand is extraordinary will look foreground of Mount Semeru smoke in the distance and the sun shining up into the sky. Not only there, the visitors seemed unending presented with a view scenery makes amazed awe and seemed to always make the longing for the atmosphere at sunrise area. When the sun has been shining its rays to the peak of Mount Semeru, will we see Mount Bromo of us standing position as the country we are above the clouds, as Bromo fog shrouded mountain shell that surrounds it also adds to the completeness of the atmosphere morning beside a very enchanting.

Do not say you've been to East Java when it has not set foot in this beautiful volcano, Mount Bromo in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is unique with sea sand area of 5250 hectares at an altitude of 2392 m above sea level. You can horseback riding and climbing Mount Bromo through the stairs and see the sun rise. Look at how the captivating charm of the Sun at sunrise and sundown will be a deep personal experience when you see it in person.

To get an experienced driver as well as being able to communicate and provide explanations and suggestions it is a part of think to do to mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo is derived from the word Brahma (a Hindu god). Bromo volcano is still active and well-known as a tourist icon of East Java. Mount Bromo his height is not as high as other volcanoes in Indonesia, but has a stunning landscape. Exceptional beauty makes tourists who visit it will always be reminded of the beauty of its natural charm, friendly people, so sometimes there is traveled several times since previous visits may not know if there are other tourist destinations around mount Bromo.

Beautiful hills and mountainous terrain make this place a rare find and one of the most beautiful nations in the world.

The building is located in the sea of sand Mount Bromo which is a temple. As a place of Hindu religious faith in Bromo

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo with private car.

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo with private car and driver English speaking is program visit to Bromo from Surabaya airport in everytime arrival flight. We have best itinerary and best offer price, and also you get the explain about mt Bromo, and any interesting place to visit arround there by driver during drive to hoel in Bromo. If you get a professional transportation service and provide hotel reference and advice during your tour that you make according to the program. The service is fine not only get a cheap price, get all the explanations and suggestions as well as a professional driver's service is also very important. Can give an explanation of the name of the city to be traversed, what is interesting in city as well as giving the right time for rest and lunch. We read any findings in writing that explain the disappointment because the service is less in line with expectations so that travel tours are considered less enjoyable. Determine what kind of transportation you need, what you get from the price offered, and what kind of driver will take you to the location of your destination area. Good drivers will start greetings, give schedules, and give explanations during the trip.

Any more tourists are looking for good service because it can determine the cost that will be needed and get an explanation of everything. To establish a good communication and get an explanation during the trip then we provide facilities that can speak English driver. We can ready serve start the journey even if your plane landed at 11:00 pm,it will arrive at the mountain area of Bromo around 2.30 pm. Surabaya airport to mount Bromo with private car is currently a favorite choice for Bromo turis visitors, only drive for 3 hours, because it has not changed other means of transportation. how about price use private car, it is only slightly more expensive when you find a good tour operator, but will make your trip easier. But specify a professional transport service as described in the previous section. Because very many offers that you find but with services that are less than the maximum.

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo with private car the real service is bring customers at the door of Surabaya airport to the hotel door in the area of Bromo, which called Cemorolawang village. during the Bromo area must use local transport, because the rules of the area and the area around Mount Bromo it is not possible to use private cars because of the heavy terrain.

So Surabaya airport to mount Bromo with private car is tour to Bromo with very simple to arrange it, you just search at google using your smartphone with keywords in specification that you want, then you can determine which service is best for you, good in cost, existing facility, the most important is enough explanation about destination you plan.

Reservasi quick respon by Whatsapp : +6282140415565

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo at midnight.

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo at midnight can you make that program if your plane schedule arrived in surabaya on the last flight hour, for example at 10.00pm or more. This program is sometimes the last option, if the visitors only get a plane ticket Surabaya destination at night.

After traveling by plane, you will continue the road trip by car for 3 hours, so you just rest or sleep in the car you use as a transport. therefore you should use the services of private cars that have been booked and already get the price agreed, so that all your tour programs can be scheduled correctly. To travel to Bromo is actually very easy when you start from the airport in Surabaya. Many taxi or other types of transport you will find here. Indeed not all transport drivers have experience to the tourist area of Bromo, let alone driving at night.

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo at midnight will be at risk of getting transport services at a high price, because your time is very limited, with such circumstances will be very hastily decided everything, about the choice of transfers services, about the price, also about whether the driver is experienced for this program. You can avoid all that by looking for transport services a few days in advance and have made a price agreement, if you need to pay a small part in advance, but there must be a warranty in the form of personal ID of the owner of the transport service, in the form of id cards, or driving license that can be sent his or her photos via email or others. so you get a service guarantee with an agreed price. that way you will avoid the high price quote .

As for other ways when you are on Surabaya airport to mount Bromo at midnigt By ordering direct services of a professional transportation company at the airport, with experienced drivers and service guarantee from the company, but definitely with a very high price of course. But if you open your smartphone, you will find many transportation services for your program with the facilities you want, and a more reasonable price.It would be better if you search on google with keywords according to your needs, for example surabaya driver english speaking or others.

You can do it if you are still at the airport where you come from, so if you are already in Surabaya airport you have got the services of the transport you want and you have booked.

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo and mount Semeru

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo and mount Semeru is a program that is not easy if you never climb the mountain. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java, from Bromo area this is usually the climbers start up to the summit. It could also be the journey starts from Overlapping to Ranu Pani, the last village at the foot semeru. Here there are checkpoints, there are also stalls and the Cottage Inn. Pos Ranu Pani also has two lakes namely Ranu Pani (1 ha) and Ranu Regulo (0.75 ha). Located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level.
After walking about 5 km down a hillside overgrown with edelweiss flower, and will arrive at Watu Rejeng. Here there are steep rock which is very beautiful. The scenery is very beautiful to the valley and the hills, which is covered with fir and pine forest. Sometimes can see a puff of smoke from the top semeru. To reach Ranu Kumbolo still have a distance of about 4.5 km. From Ranu Kumbolo then climb a steep hill, with beautiful views at the back towards the lake.

Surabaya airport to mount Bromo and mount Semeru attracted many young people, especially students, as well as school students in Indonesia. The interesting thing they are because Semeru is the highest mountain in Java also because of its natural beauty with Ranu Kumbolo lake which is still very natural.

In front of the hill stretches a vast meadow called oro-oro Ombo. Oro-oro Ombo surrounded by hills and mountains with beautiful views, vast meadow slopes overgrown with pine trees like in Europe. Furthermore enters pine forest where birds and deer occasionally encountered. This area is called Cemoro Kandang.
Kalimati post located at an altitude of 2,700 m, here you can set up a tent to rest. This post in the form of vast grasslands on the edge of the pine forest,

In KALIMATI and in Arcopodo there are many mountain rats. There are also many springs Source , to the west (right) explore the forest edge KALIMATI with a distance of 1 hour commute. The ascent to the summit is done early in the morning at around 02.00 am from Arcopodo. during the dry season is June, July, August, and September. Should not climb during the rainy season because of frequent storms and landslides

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Bromo Ijen itinerary.

Surabaya city   tour: A shuttle from the airport to the city and points of interest in town Surabay a,  lunch place culinary Surabaya, finished to the hotel, night city tour to Surabaya west. Surabaya - Malang 2day 1night : Pick-up from the airport or train station, traveling city tour, stay in the city of Malang, and on day 2 around Batu, Malang keairport back Surabaya or city.

Surabaya - Bromo 2day 1 night : Pick-up from the airport or train station, to the inn around Bromo. On day 2 at 03 .00 am getting ready to tour bromo until 11:00 noon, 12:00 to 12:30 clock back to Surabaya or other cities.

Surabaya - Bromo - Malang 3 day 2 night : Pick-up from the airport or train station, to the inn around Bromo. Until the free event at the inns around the village Area. On day 2 at 03 .00 am getting ready to tour bromo until 11:00 pm, one hour later preparation for rock city of Malang. On day 2 the evening can enjoy the culinary in Malang or stone. Day 3 traveled Batu, late-night return to the airport in Surabaya or Malang city.

Surabaya - Ijen crater 2 day 1 night : Pick-up from the airport or train station, to the inn around Mount Ijen, a break in the late afternoon and dinner at the hotel, if a traveler wanted to see the blue flame should be preparation for a tracking clock 00:30. Preparation 03.00 am for those who simply enjoy the view of the mountain peak Ijen and its sulfur lake water color turquoise.

Surabaya - Bromo - Ijen - Surabaya 3day 2Nights: Pick-up from the airport or train station, to the inn around Bromo. Until the free event at the inns Area around the village, at 03 .00 am getting ready to tour bromo until 11:00 pm, one hour later the inn Area preparation of Ijen. If a traveler wants to watch the blue flame should be preparation for a tracking clock 00:30. Preparation 03.00 am for those who simply enjoy the view of the mountain peak Ijen and its sulfur lake water color turquoise.
At around 9 am after witness the natural phenomenon or sulfur lakes preparation towards Surabaya estimated afternoon - evening arrived in Surabaya.

Surabaya - Bromo - Ijen Crater - Ketapang port (Bali)    3day 2Nights: Pick-up from the airport or train station, to the inn around Bromo. Until the free event at the inns Area around the village, at 03 .00 am getting ready to tour bromo until 11:00 pm, one hour later the inn Area preparation of Ijen. If a traveler wants to watch the blue flame should be preparation for a tracking clock 00:30. Preparation 03.00 am for those who simply enjoy the view of the mountain peak Ijen and its sulfur lake water color turquoise.
At around 9 am after witness the natural phenomenon or sulfur lakes preparation for Ketapang port to continue to the island of Bali or Lombok.

   Transport program for your business
* The use of a car plus driver in the city 12 hours
Avansa 700,000 idr, Inova 850,000 idr iclude tol and parking car.

* The use of a car plus driver's area of ​​Surabaya, Mojokerto, Pasuruan.
Avansa  Idr 750,000  (the estimates 10 additional hours of 75,000 times / hour)
Inova Idr  900,000 (estimated 10 hours of additional time 90,000 / hour)

* The use of a car plus driver's area of ​​Malang, Probolinggo, Kediri
Avansa Idr 900,000 (the estimates 10 additional hours of 75,000 times / hour)
Inova Idr 1,000,000 (estimated 10 hours of extra time 90,000 / hour

* already include fuel, driver, toll parking, except Suramadu.
* Type another car and hospitalized, confirmation contac us.